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About Us

Zekidoor Steel doorsare in production since 1990. Keeping at the forefront of residential and commercial security industry in recent years, export it with the advanced levels, Zekidoor Steel doors' development and innovation in the sector has led to a positive right. Make safe production management and production staff in the automobile industry with high-quality post-production process, together with the ongoing process of technical services implemented a highly successful ...

Apartment doors, building entrance doors, Villa Doors, Fire Doors, Special Security Doors Entrance Doors Work Place; colors to suit all tastes and Mahogany, American, Lake oak, pine, walnut, rose coatings, such as the preferences of our customers are offered. Multi System Central Lock, Lock and Normal Lock Monoblock protection system which is the safe upper levels. Zekidoor steel doors, original design, meticulous craftsmanship, aesthetics, transforming steel security doors and a large statement hizmetindedir.En customers, high customer satisfaction levels and satisfaction are necessary to keep it within the established set.